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Lohja, Finland

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Day matrixes

Last updated 2022-04-26

Finds per day

Finds per day 2022

Finds per day Trad

Finds per day Multi

Finds per day Mystery

Finds per day Letterbox

Attended in Event per day

Earth cache logged per day

Finds per day virtual

Finds per day webcam

Finds per day wherigo

Finds per hidden date

Different types per day

Some old documentation:

Different types, list to 100
Different types, list to 300
Day finds 1...50...
Six months 'wherigo a month' -streak July 2016 - December 2016
2520 caches in one year (7.9.2020 - 6.9.2021)
2512 caches in one calendar year (2021)

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