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Lohja, Finland

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Who do we think we are?

Last updated 2022-01-31

Team mamiat consists of two parents, who lived their childhood in 1970's without computers and global positioning system, and a junior who was born in late 2005. Parents were introduced to geocaching in Denmark when this hobby was pretty young (1st of May, 2005), when we visited four caches with H&P. Their logs for that day say (in Danish): visited with Finnish friends... One of those caches was still active in 2019!... But it took some time to think about this and finally at the end of 2008 dad decided to call this family a team for geocaching and signed in (11.12.2008 to be exact). But it took some time before we got our first "own" cache find - which was a multi by the way - and it was the coldest day of January 2009. Junior was then almost two months old (dad visited the cache with junior's godfather and his daughter).

First years were pretty calm. There was even a streak of 770 days (!) without any finds. But as junior grew bigger and stronger he started to enjoy our occasional geocaching treasure hunts & trips. This is no "religion" to us (we do have many other hobbies and intrests) but there are more than 11.000 found already.

In 2013 we completed 1.000 caches a year challenge thanks to NKT in Estonia (this challenge became an obsession because the cache is located pretty close to where dad grew up) and we have also completed some other "tough" challenges like Quintuple D&T, 100 mysteries in a day, full matrix in one calendar year (seven years in a row now), full mystery matrix in one calendar year for four times, 200 municipalities of Finland in a year and 10 countries in 10 days. Challenges became the driving force in this hobby, so we finally decided to go through the awful 500 days streak in 2017-2018, even a few years earlier we decided we'll never going to face "must find a cache" -day. Well, 514 such days later we made the same decision in September 2018...

Year 2021 was a weird deviation to our caching habit: the aim was to find 2.500 caches to certain challenge (best year before 2021 was 2015: 1.587 pcs.) and that's what we did (2.512 in all, many thanks to that goes to lab caches).

In 2014 junior signed in to geocaching as Aku Ankka 1, and he's doing also some trips to geocaches by himself (but most of his founds are done with either one of the parents, so far).

So far we have only a handful of own caches but there are several in the thinking level.

As so many other geocachers, we love statistics and challenges... so feel free to use the links to our check lists above and see what we're up to.

Some basic statistics below:

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